Informaton Secutity Audit

We are well-known as a testing audit company for our smart and efficient technicians and security audit labs. It has been seen that there are few concern areas prior to protecting the software information. We, at Shravas believe in checking the following areas:

  • Checking The Vulnerability: Is your software database and information well-protected or are there few slight loopholes in the system? Vulnerability is then assessed and the needed security is offered.
  • Checking Web Applications Security: An area which has often been ignored and yet demands equal if not more attention for security.
  • System Response Check: The next tier of information security testing is extended to checking if the system files and applications are responding properly or not and also if the log codes and error messages are given out frequently or not. To ensure a thorough check-up, manual testing is done for the systems.

Protecting Information

As a software testing and audit company, we have gained reputation of analyzing and handling errors across diverse platforms and diverse software applications. Our expertise lies in the following:

  • Discovering and immediately fixing any error as and when required.
  • Understanding the client requirement and then getting down to resolving the problem.
  • We have expertise in handling error, cross-site script testing and Format string testing and even cracking encrypted data to verify safety and provide maximum security.