HR Outsourcing / Offshoring

Even small businesses are using offshore outsourcing to make themselves more competitive, especially in markets which are currently dominated by large corporations. Sharavas is currently providing staffing QA and software services area and catering industry segments such as Healthcare, retail, banking, telecom, insurance, e-commerce, mobile and supply chain.

Offshoring Business Models

Shravas has business models which are flexible and customer driven. Adapting our services as per the needs of our clients and offering them a satisfying experience is our motive. The project specifications differs from each other and so we have a dedicated team of professionals with years of experience to first understand our clients’ need and then only render the valuable services in an impeccable manner.

A business model play a great role in success of any business and ours is not an exception. Hence, our business model is prepared meticulously after weighing all the pros and cons as well as the current industry trends.

The three co-operation model employed for governing association with our esteemed clients are the following ones.

Fixed price model

You have to just inform us about the scope of your work and resource requirement in detail. The rest of the task is assured and we fix a price for the scheduled task. This model also gives you the opportunity to know about the progress of the project at various stage.

Offshore testing team (Dedicated PSA)

Some companies believe in a long term co-operation and if also does the same then this model is the most appropriate for you. In this model, you will get a testing team service and a host of equipments to cater to your specific requirements of multiple projects.

Time and Material Team

This model is opted by many as it finds its utility and application in cases where time frame and the cost to be get involved are hard to be determined in the initial stage of the project. You can also get additional services as per your need in future with the flexibility offered by this model.

A business model is crucial in success of any organization and we believe in this fact completely. Hence, we believe in fulfilling all the core aspects of our model with outmost sincerity and efficiency.


Recruitment/Placement consultancy

We are a full-service search firm providing permanent and temporary staffing solutions and related business services.

We have experience in providing human resource solutions to some of the top technology companies. We specialize in Leadership and CxO level hiring, skill based hiring, Startup Hiring, Business Incubation Services and HR Advisory. In a very short span of time we have built profound expertise analytics driven hiring that is just spot on.. Our clientele range from large eCommerce, Healthcare, Video Analytics to Financial Entities.