Manual Mobile Testing

Today, mobile phones are commonly used for communication purpose and to access the web. In this era of technological advance, the expectations of users are also soaring high. Any compatibility issue or usability problem could lead to serious drop in sales of a particular mobile phone.

Hence, outmost care and precautions are taken for testing of these devices. Since the inception of software testing, manual testing is the norm. Although, now many companies prefer an automated mobile testing over the manual mobile testing, the later has not loosed its own significance in the process till now.

Importance of Manual Testing

Manual Testing of Mobile needs human intervention and led to detection of all the bugs quite meticulously. All the steps of testing in a manual testing are conducted by the tester in a sequential manner in a cycle. This ensures that the mobile is without any errors.

Although, automated testing tools are now available, importance of Manual mobile application testing is hard to rule out. Many companies still prefer to do a manual testing before proceeding to an automated test.

Advantages Of Choosing Us For Manual Mobile Application Testing

  • Quick service – We deliver the test reports within the shortest possible time to make ready your device for the market without any delay. This also saves much cost that a company has to face in case of delay in a product launch
  • Easy customization – We believe in customization of our mobile testing services as per the requirement.
  • Good mix of manual and automated testing – We also have the requisite equipments and professional experience for automated testing for mobile phones. Therefore, we strike a perfect chord for delivering exceptional testing services that do not leave any room for ambiguities.