Stress Testing

Stress testing is defined as the process by which, the software is tested according to the factor of how much stress or capacity can the software product withstand and can accommodate.

This process also deduces the result of how much the software breakdowns a level beyond the maximum memory or certain other important feature regarding the software is concerned. Software stress testing process can sometimes go beyond the limit or the tolerance of software products and lead the engineers to set up maximum testing limits of the software and the user can also be aware of the tolerance levels.

Software stress testing process is one of the more challenging processes involving the software reliability and tolerance of a software. The process is abstract and requires a skilled professionals and veteran experience when it comes to any software testing process. Shravas is one of the few software testing firms, where all our software testing processes are carried out by experienced professionals, and all of them are again carried out in a very short span of time.

As in the case of any software testing process, here in this case of stress testing, the process involved is once again performed in the process step by step.

Steps for Stress Testing

Below are a few important steps and methodologies that are required to carry out stress testing:

Break Point Testing: This form of testing is usually carried out to ensure the limit of safe usage of the particular software.

Specification Testing: Specification testing process is carried out so as to confirm that for the particular software, the required specifications are met.

Failure Testing: Failure testing services are usually determined to deduce what are the modes by which a system can fail.

Tolerance Testing: Tolerance testing is carried out to see the durability of the final tested software under this segment.