Performance Testing

Much emphasis is now given by all software companies to undergo a Performance Testing before launching them in the market for the end users. An application performance testing is done mainly for the purpose of evaluating the software so that any performance errors can be identified and avoided at an earlier stage.

This not only saves cost but also assure the success of the software application in the market. In an age of e-commerce, when most of the business is done online, there is also an increased need of Website Performance Test so that any future problems can be averted. Most of the times, load and performance testing are done simultaneously to detect problems.

Types of Performance Testing

There are various types of Software Performance Testing done at an early stage of software development.

Our skilled team of engineers at Shravas ensures that performance should be augmented and that the software should achieve all its core adjectives. We also excelled in conducting successful web performance test for the websites. Some of the types of Performance Testing including to but not limited to are listed below.

  • Stress Testing
  • Endurance Testing
  • Spike Testing
  • Configuration Testing