Load Testing

Load testing is an important aspect of software testing and can’t be ignored. The basic motive to do a load test is to check how well a software application works when subjected to a certain work level near its specification limits.

We, at Shravas, conduct Load Test for Web, Mobile and Desktop Applications under specific conditions so that there can be no room for any kind of ambiguities in the Load Test results. It also gives an idea that how certain software will perform in the real world.

Methods Used To Conduct Load Test

Load testing can also be viewed upon as a part of the process of performance testing. Some of the things our skilled testers used to do in order to do a Load Test are the following ones.


  • Downloading a range of files of large size from the web
  • Do multitasking i.e. running several applications for application load testing
  • Assigning a large number of printing task to the printer
  • Subjecting a web server to a huge amount of mail traffic to check web load testing
  • Writing and reading simultaneously to check software load testing

Tools Used By Us For Load Testing Services

We use sophisticated tools for conducting all types of load testing. We make sure that the software is handling the load in an effective manner and if not, we fix the problem. Different approaches are used by our skilled professionals who have years of experience in testing. Today, as most of the work is done through internet, website load test is getting much prominence and companies are well concerned about the performance and load handling abilities of their websites in real time. Giving complete customer satisfaction is our ultimate motive and we use the following tools to achieve this objective.

  • Grinder
  • HP LoadRunner
  • Automated QA Test Complete