Offshore Testing Team

Sometimes, the projects get bigger and at that time, long term co-operation becomes a necessity in well execution of a task. In Offshore testing team model, we offer the resources, infrastructure and the equipments to our clients exclusively.

This leads to complete satisfaction on the client side and specialized services if needed. The model works best for development of any software product, support projects and in case of overseas software development companies who do not want to invest high on infrastructure and a regular staff of skilled engineers for the cause of testing.

Model Mechanism

This kind of model has a complex mechanism based on mutual co-operation and frequent communication.

  • Sending of query from the client side to the company
  • Analyzing the requirements as per the project details served by client
  • After the agreement, allotting dedicated resources for project completion
  • Client assigning the projects to the company
  • Work on the project to be followed by daily updates
  • Lastly contract is renewed if there is satisfaction at the client end

Advantages Of An Offshore Testing Team:

This type of business model is very popular among software development companies across the world. Some of the advantages are given below.

  • The client receives a professional team consisting of experienced engineers to perform numerous tasks. These tasks range from application testing by a series of tests like load testing, stress testing, and performance testing etc.
  • Client can directly supervise the whole testing process time to time through frequent communication and generated test reports as well as updates.
  • Management cost are much lesser in this model as the team has knowledge of the clients specific needs beforehand
  • A client can always change the priority of any task while assigning a long term project and can also assign new tasks.
  • Availability of skilled and experienced professionals

Apart from these, client gets to use a ready-made infrastructure as most of the testing is now done in controlled labs and to afford such labs round the year can be a big financial burden for him. So in all respects, this model is great for the clients.