Multi Platform Testing

it is very important to have the software applications interoperable as now most of the users access these through their handheld devices like mobile phones and tablets. These small devices have their own software configuration and so multi-platform testing becomes mandatory.

We being one of the renowned Multi Platform Testing Company in India assure quality testing services. We understand the need of our clients and do the task of Testing software on multiple platforms.

Complexities in multi-platform Testing

There exist many complexities in multi-platform testing and we fully understand the possibility of the problems that may arise during testing. It is essential for your software to be in full compatibility with various platforms in order to offer the same functionality and user interface. As a well known Multi Platform Testing Company, we ensure you with excellent multi platform testing services that include checking your application’s operation ability on all relevant platforms. Some of the multi-platform testing services are included below but our service is not limited to the following ones.

  • Functionality of software application on various platforms
  • Ensuring API functionality on diverse platforms
  • Validation of Graphic User Interface with various platforms
  • Installation validation with dissimilar platform
  • Tuning for performance of the software
  • Patch TestingWe employ the best testing services to give complete client satisfaction and quality results